A European Gastro-Pub

The Half Door

Gas•tro•pub \gas-trō-pub\ n: a combination of pub and gastronomy which is dedicated to high-quality food in a relaxed setting. The focus is on regional cooking with local ingredients, along with specialty beers and wines from around the world. Gastro Pubs are a well recognized form of eatery in Western Europe. The concept helped truly create a culinary scene and arose from a conscious effort to promote great food in well-loved casual places.

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Pint night!!! Music starts at 9! 🕺🍺
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Don’t let the rain get you down.. Come play some trivia with our good friend Dj Norm Beats! Get in early and stay late.. starts at 7:30 🍻

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Need some last minute Saturday night plans? Come down to the Half Door for some house music tonight. Starts at 10pm and goes til close!


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Come down to the Half Door and try one of our many new cocktails, including the delicious Exit 46. Our twist on a traditional espresso martini. Fresh espresso with Jameson Stout, vanilla vodka and kahlua.

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You know what day it is!! Hump day!! Come enjoy $3 pints while @afterschoolspecialband_ jams! 🍻🍻🍻

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House night at the Door! Come check out one of Hartford’s best Dj Eric Otero tonight at 10 💃🍻
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Tonight at the Half Door, come check out our friend Kali Walé and Drum Sound Language as they get the reggae vibes flowing tonight. Music starts at 10 🍻 ...

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THATS RIGHT! Today’s the day. Pint night at the Half Door is back. Deals start at 7 and music starts at 9!! See you later!! 🍻💃

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You know what day it is!! Come test your knowledge with Dj Norm Beats tonight starting at 7:30. Winner gets a gift card!!

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Tonight’s going to be a good one. Our friends from Dead Man’s Blues will be taking the stage once again to jam out the Half Door. Music starts at 10!



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